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Gaia Investments is a provider of project management and development solutions.

About us

Unique and Innovative Solutions

As project management, research and development are complex fields that requires a thorough understanding of financial, legal, and operational aspects. Various parties, including banks, equity investors, contractors, and legal advisors, collaborate to structure project deals to ensure the successful execution and management of major property projects, energy projects and import-export transactions.

Gaia Investments facilitate your entry in the world of project development as it is benefiting of more than 25 years of experience in the above-mentioned area. Our experts have built not only a strong know-how in that field but can rely on wide network of service providers.

Our Activities

Our Activities

Project Finance

Project solutions are often used for projects that have predictable revenue streams, such as through long-term contracts, government concessions, or other revenue-generating mechanisms. It allows project developers to undertake large and capital-intensive ventures while mitigating their own financial risk and leveraging the project's cash flow for repayment of debt.
Therefore, project solutions is a method mostly used to finance large infrastructure or industrial projects, such as the construction of power plants, pipelines, transportation systems, and large-scale real estate developments. But at Gaia we are open to consider various partnerships of projects presenting interesting and sound potential cash flows.

Import & Export Collaboration

Import-export is essential for businesses of all sizes engaging in international trade, as it helps them manage the financial complexities and risks associated with cross-border transactions, ultimately fostering global economic growth and trade relationships.
At Gaia we intend to facilitate trading flows by providing management collaboration, forfaiting, but also structuring collaborations to achieve the company's development goals.


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